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Why you need a
Custom WordPress Site!

Your business is unique and your website should reflect that.

You’ve already figured out you need a better website.  Better than your competition. Better than the one you might already have. Better than you can imagine.  That’s why you’ve come to Freedom Creative. So, the next question is: What kind of website shall we build for you?  The most popular websites are WordPress sites.


While you need a qualified developer like Freedom Creative to build a professional WordPress site, once built, you will be able to update and change portions of the site yourself. A properly built WordPress site will allow you to add functionality and future capabilities ongoingly. BUT, many web-site designers use prebuilt templates which can restrict and reduce the future growth of your website. That’s why we only build custom WordPress sites!

Why Custom WordPress sites are better than Pre-built Templates

Custom desktop and mobile design that delivers amazing user experiences on any device. Combining the best of Responsive and Adaptive design techniques, your website will be developed in 2 stages. One is for desktop and one for mobile. Freedom Creative doesn’t rely on “auto-mobile” from prebuilt templates. Our team actually custom builds the mobile version to today’s standards.
Better security because we have better control over the coding and special functionality. Pre-built templates are often not updated by the original developers and this exposes your website to hackers and malware

Greater flexibility in design and features.

More reliable because coding and functionalities are accessible and updatable.

Here today AND tomorrow. Freedom Creative has been in business for over 2 decades. Too often, Freedom Creative inherits clients who are looking for help after being deserted by their previous web team or freelancer.

Faster loading websites. Clean custom code vs generic bloated code loads fast. Coupled with Freedom Creative’s fast servers, your website will not only look great but be lightning quick! Google likes fast loading websites and penalizes slow ones.

Future Proofing your website with Freedom Creative’s custom development methods including bootstrap, clean code, and security enhancements that keep your site humming now and well into the future.

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