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A-Frame Double-Sided Sidewalk Poster Sign with Vinyl Prints


A 45” tall by 25” wide aluminum stand, that unfolds into an attractive indoor or fair weather display. The frames on each side are held shut by pressure, which secures your printed media, and by an included translucent screen within the display, which serves to protect your graphic. To store it, simply fold it shut and cart it away.


A-Frame Displays are a convenient and long-term poster presentation solution. The unique snap-frame design allows you to display wide format posters and printed graphics that catch your audience no matter which direction they’re coming from. The frames are durable, easy to store or ship, and have round corners for a classy accent. The prints themselves can be swapped out at ease, making the A-Frame Stand a one-time investment in your marketing tool-kit. Perfect for making those can’t-miss announcements at trade shows and in high traffic areas!