The 4 Essentials of Effective Logo Design!

Logo design concept for graphic designers and design agencies services. Concept for web banners, internet marketing, printed material, presentation

  Graphic designers that create custom logos are everywhere, and they all have hundreds of tips and insights that will make your customized logo stand out and get noticed. As a marketing agency, we’ve seen which ones work and which don’t. We’re going to give you the five big things that you need, need, need to make sure your logo works as an effective, long-term investment in your company’s branding strategy.

  Why is an effective logo important?

  Because it’s a lightning rod for your brand identity.

  Picture, if you will, the Flag of France. It’s a simplistic design – just three vertical bars in blue, white, and red.  But then imagine France itself. All that delicious food and fashion, the monuments and museums, the turbulent history. The Flag of France depicts none of these things. And yet somehow, it evokes all of them and more. 

  That’s what effective logos do. They associate the marketed persona of your organization with a single, recognizable symbol. As people learn about your business, whenever they see that symbol, they’ll see you. Whether it’s on a letter, on a billboard, on a website, or on the side of a car, it’ll have the same effect.

  That may seem valuable enough on its own. But the secret is that effective marketing is based on repetition. The more you can put your branding in someone’s line of sight and create favorable associations, the more successful and enduring your marketing will be. Logos help you do that affordably and tastefully. For example, it’s not feasible or even sane for Nike to paint heavily perspiring basketball players chugging sports drinks on the side of every shoe. But with a single “swoosh,” Nike managed to put their whole athletic-branded persona onto nearly every basketball court in the country, showcasing their marketing in front of their target market.

  What makes a logo effective?

  1. Relevance Is Key In Logo Design

  When you design your logo, it’s important to be just as strategic as you would with any other part of your branding. Your logo needs to be relevant to your business identity, to your target audience, and to the long-term trends in your given industry. Keep in mind that you won’t just be selling, you’ll be networking, and that means a logo that’s relevant to your trade. Nobody buys balloons from a funeral home, after all.

  Designing a relevant logo that makes your branding stand out, enhances credibility, engenders attraction and is relevant to your company and the industry is a hard nail to hit, but it’s worth the effort. If you need help with building your branding, click here for some tips from Freedom Creative Solutions.

  1. Simplicity Makes Custom Logos Memorable And Versatile

  In the past, complicated logos meant pedigree and sophistication. But today’s consumers don’t have time for that. Our high-paced digital landscape is oversaturated with information, images, and tons of other things fighting for our immediate attention. An intricate logo with a lot of busy elements may make your audience tune out and brush you aside.  The strange truth is that a minimalist, simple logo is considered more trustworthy and more memorable than a complex one. 

  Of course, there’s an even more practical reason to keep your logos simple. One major strength of logos is how versatile they are. They’re great on business cards, vehicle graphics, website emojis, 3-dimensional building signage, colossal banners, t-shirts, and even your own products and invoices! But if your logo isn’t recognizable when it’s small, you won’t get the full benefit of that versatility.

  If elements get lost when you shrink your logo down, then your logo design is too complex.

  1. The Best Designed Logos Are Timeless

  Staying relevant means not latching onto fads. Designing your logo with the current pop trends and slang terms in mind may help your business look “with it.” But that logo won’t age well, and your company will be forced to alter it in a few years to keep from looking out of touch. Designing a logo that’s made to get replaced defeats the purpose of building brand recognition. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. We recently designed a logo for the company called “The 90’s” that sells retro clothes with colors and styles based on 1990’s fashion. This logo – of course – was firmly grounded in the zeitgeist of that time period. 

  Since your logo and branding will be a major part of your marketing, it should not be changed frequently.  So, think long-term. It’s no fun having to scrap a logo and rebrand yourself all over again because you didn’t think it through.

  1. Attractive, Memorable, And Distinctive Graphic Design

  Making your logo pleasing to the eye, distinctive enough to stand out, and original enough to be remembered is an art and a science.  Even a professional logo designer may go through dozens of potential designs before coming up with a logo that really hits the spot. And part of this process is continuously making subtle changes to colors, tones, font, and other design elements to create a logo that connects with both the company and its target audience.

  Get a logo that inspires confidence in your brand. Consider what else you want your clients to feel, whether it’s excitement, warmth, or curiosity, and then pick colors and shapes that evoke those emotions. Colors are a major part of what makes a logo memorable, relevant and successful. Colors have the power to draw your viewer in and direct their attention so use wisely. Once you know your color scheme, be sure to consult the Pantone Color Matching guide to choose the specific colors that you will be using in your logo. Choosing from this industry guide will allow your print vendors to match your exact colors more closely when you have products such as decals, logo rugs, and other graphics produced.  Click here to learn more about the importance of choosing Pantone Colors.

  Be mindful of your industry and audience when using text, and be very careful which font you choose. Make good use of empty space to create contrast and a clean design. And lastly, enjoy the process. An attractive logo is an act of engineering. Don’t be afraid of a little trial and error.  Or, get a graphic designer to create your logo by contacting Freedom Creative here.

Utilize Your Logos For Maximum Effect

  Once you have an impactful, high-quality logo, it’s time to use it! 

  We discussed earlier that the possibilities are vast, but you might not realize just how many things you can do with it. Even just in your office, your pens, contracts, letterhead, and other office essentials can all bear your branding with professional pizazz.   With modern printing techniques and decals, it is easier than ever to add your logo to your walls, windows, rugs, and more.  Be sure and supply your clients with logo pens, stickers, and magnets so they always keep your company top of mind!

  But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re giving an award, you may consider a 3D Etched Glass Trophy with your logo inside it, which becomes a distinctive conversation piece. If you host long events where people will get thirsty, have a barista draw your logo in the coffee you serve, or get branded place settings. If you enjoy sending personalized letters to prospective clients and want to add some flair, you may even consider getting your logo set into a wax seal. And don’t forget vehicle graphics, which we’ve spoken about at length in this article.  

  The possibilities are endless. If they aren’t, keep designing your logo!

  Where can I learn more?

  If you want to know more, or if you’re interested in getting an effective logo that strategizes with your existing brand identity, then come consult with your local marketing experts at Freedom Creative Solutions.  You can also see some examples of our logo designs.  Call 336-602-1901, or email us today at