Are You Sitting on a Marketing Gold Mine?

Are You Sitting on a Marketing Gold Mine ?

Are You Sitting on a Marketing Gold Mine?

“I believe this is the single most important AND overlooked resource by businesses.”

It is a simple truth: If someone has bought something from you and was happy with the purchase, they are much more likely to buy from you again than someone you’ve never done business with. Creating and maintaining an in house list of everyone you do business with is the best marketing resource available to most businesses. 

Your marketing plan should include frequently contacting and reminding current and past customers to buy again or informing them of other offerings from your company. Of course, you can purchase targeted mailing lists from companies like ours to find new customers but don’t neglect your current clients.


I believe this is the single most important AND overlooked resource by businesses. This data is worth it’s weight in gold. Too many businesses let vital contact info slip through the cracks but there is absolutely no good excuse for not collecting contact information from those that already appreciate your goods or services.

How do I collect & keep up with this data?

1. How you collect data will depend on your business. If possible, when you make a sale, ask your customers to sign-up for specials. Also, provide a sign-up page for specials on your website. If you have a blog or newsletter, encourage your customers to subscribe to receive it or be notified when you post new info. Have a contact us page or request a quote page on your web site that collects data.

2. Find time to type this info into a database. Your computer probably has excel or some other database program it, but I recommend using something like Google docs if you have a Google account. Google docs and other online services offer free online spreadsheet programs. You will be able to access and update your customer database from anywhere – even your smartphone.

3. How do you set up the database? At the minimum, Your database should have separate fields for company name, first name, last name, email address, address, address 2, city, state, zip, and notes. I have created a sample database layout at this link to demonstrate what I am suggesting.

4. How can you use the database effectively? This depends on your type of business but through utilizing emails and direct mail and perhaps phone calls in a cohesive and well-planned manner can dramatically increase your bottom line.

If you need further assistance and want to learn more about marketing to your in house list or to targeted prospects, don’t hesitate to contact Freedom Creative Solutions. 336-602-1901.

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