4 Spine-Tingling Halloween Tips from Your Local Marketing Agency

Halloween Marketing Ideas Freedom Creative Solutions

Good evening, fellow marketing heads.

  Are you getting goosebumps, looking for Halloween Marketing Schemes that will get the masses worked into a consumer frenzy? Well, you’re in luck. Our ghostwriters have assembled a few little tricks and treats for your Macabre Marketing, just to make sure you get a good cut of this spirited season’s spending. And if you’re in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, or another other piece of the NC Triad, we may even have some dirt on local mischief.

  Stay a spell, and pick our brains for some ideas!

  Spooktacular Social Media Contests

  Halloween brings a certain kind of devil-may-care enthusiasm for engagement, and your business can easily reach out and grasp some of that action. Consider digging up some spine-tingling images and having a captivating caption contest. Or, if your customers are especially animated, you may ask them to post images of their most diabolical costumes. Tag the people you’re haunting to raise some excitement, and have a surprise in store for the winner. 

  Creepy-Crawly Content Creation

  In a twisted paradox, Halloween gives you the chance to make your business look more human. People will eat up online content about the way you celebrate this craven day. Conjure that creative spirit and start brewing up your favorite tricks, tips, and stories. Rope your staff into wicked video skits or horror-core photoshoots. And then splatter them across the web! This will expand your brand in a way that makes you so much more than an empty suit. Don’t be afraid to be playful. After all, it’s just fun and games until someone screams!

  Sinister Signage for your Scary Storefront

  Don’t leave your physical storefront in the dark. Grinning pumpkins and backlit cobwebs will let your audience know you’re in the spirit, beckoning them to cross your threshold. But don’t feel shackled if you can’t use real pumpkins. Printed posters and banners can bring your decorative nightmares into being. Consider reconstructing your space with hair-raising signage dripping with seasonal deals, or use ghost-shaped holders for business cards and flyers. You could even get dye-cut substrate monster cut-outs to loom near the exit. Your customers may never want to leave.

  Bloodcurdling Bargains and Eerie Events

  Halloween’s a good time to put your feelers out and conspire with other neighboring businesses. Take a crawl through your local scene and see what happenings may be lurking about in Winston-Salem. Offer candies and coupons to costumed trick-or-treaters, or plan a hair-raising event to draw foot traffic. Horrific baked goods, spooky tunes, and wearing costumes at the office will give your customers a bit of a ghost story to tell about your business. And word of mouth is still the most coveted and elusive marketing you can get. Slash your prices for a bit, but make sure every deal you offer has a limited lifespan. You may even be cheeky enough to remind them that the real horror starts the day after Halloween, when all the good music gets buried until Winter.

  Let Freedom Creative Solutions know what spooky shenanigans you’ve unearthed, and feel free to stalk our book of faces and our Instagram to see the trouble we keep getting up to! 
  See you at the Dead Show!