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Freedom Force Website Security Solution

Dear Freedom Creative Solutions Client, 

Recent upticks in malware and hacking attacks have caused us to move to a hosted security suite that will protect our servers and our websites.  You need to choose the level of protection that you want for your site. Our strong recommendation for most all sites hosted on our server is the Pro Protection Plan.  

Please review the plan comparisons below and then choose which plan you would like to be on. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns.  We can set this up as a monthly debit or annual billing with 10% off for paying annually.

Choose From One of the Plans Below


Web Security Plan
$ 12
  • Basic web security
  • Fully fuctioning CDN but is not a complete security package
  • No “Unhack” Guarantee
  • No Web Application Firewalls


Web Security Plan
$ 22
  • Top Level Security
  • “Unhack” Guarantee
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Manual Malware Removal
  • Search Engine Blacklist Removal
  • Backdoor Exploits Protection
  • Many More Vital Security Protections


Web Security Plan
$ 65
  • Same Benefits as Pro Plan
  • Dedicated Security Specialist
  • Threat Analysis & Investigation
  • Best Suited for Large International Corporations

Opt Out

If you choose to opt out of the security plan, FCS can no longer host your site. One unprotected site can pose a threat to our server and our other hosted sites on that server. You will need to find alternative hosting for your website. We will help you transfer the site to new hosting.
  • There may be a fee for this.

Compare Web Security Plans




Malware detection and Removal

12 / 12

12 / 12

6 / 12

More Info

Hack repair and restoration

Complete blacklist site removal

Spam and website filtering

Daily vulnerability (OWASP) detection scan

Trojan detection and protection

Vulnerability repair and restoration

Brand reputation monitoring

Traffic hijacking recovery

SEO poisoning recovery

Automatic advanced threat discovery

Automated malware removal

Command and control server comm detection

Security information and event management

4 / 4

4 / 4

0 / 4

More Info

Real time threat and breach protection

Advanced persistent threat identification

Incident management and remediation

Anomaly search and detection

24 / 7 Cyber security operations center

7 / 7

3 / 7

2 / 7

More Info

Dedicated c.s.o.c. analyst

Expert tuning and configuration mgmt.

Reverse malware and suspect engineering

Threat investigation and analysis

Correlations over multiple incidents

Integration with threat intelligence

Alerting and incident escalations

Managed web application firewall

15 / 15

13 / 15

0 / 15

More Info

Managed updates

Fine grained control

Bot protection

Scraping protection

Enterprise control

SQL injection prevention

XSS injection – cross site scripting protection

XMLRPC protection

Bruteforce protection

Block access via backdoor files

Illegal resource access protection

Blacklisting of clients, countries and lps

Information reveal prevention

OWASP top 10 protection

WAF Rule update with customer request

Content delivery Network

13 / 13

13 / 13

13 / 13

More Info

Layer 7 dDoS protection

Layer 3, 4, 5, 6 dDoS protection

Instant purge

Advanced website acceleration

Asset preloading

Cache / header settings

Anycast DNS

Uptime SLA



Load Balancing

HTTPS – SSL unique certificates

Performance Optimization

Technical support

8 / 8

8 / 8

4 / 8

More Info

24 / 7 chat








* Because of the nature of the internet, there is no expressed or implied warranty against malware, hacks, and/or other intrusions. Please visit www.freedomcreativesolutions.com/terms-conditions-web-security to view the Freedom Force Web Security terms and conditions. FCS is an authorized reseller of this security suite software.